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The Surprise Stoppers have made it their personal mission to destroy hidden fees, wrestle the evil that is “surprise pricing,” and restore harmony to disheartened shoppers all over the world! Their noble work marks them as vigilantes—heroes who are willing to put themselves in danger, even if it means ruining the surprises we actually enjoy. It’s a small price to pay to ensure upfront, surprise-free pricing for all orders!

See them in Action!

No hidden fees. No surprises.

  • Prices shouldn't
    hide in the shadows
  • We shine a
    light on surprises
  • Stopping small
    surprises is worth it


  • Kelsey is a human ball of energy—her excitement knows no bounds. As a child, she was often sent home from school not for misbehaving, but for triumphantly yelling out the answers to her tests as she was taking them. She has passion and spirit, allowing her to ruin a surprise like nobody else!

  • Having always hated surprises even from a young age, Kurt was destined to be a Surprise Stopper. When he discovered Santa wasn’t real at age six, he posted flyers around his neighborhood debunking the conspiracy surrounding this jolly man. It didn’t go over well, but he was able to rest easy knowing the truth was out there!

  • Joe grew up in a household that valued surprises, but he was always the black sheep of the family. His father was in charge of sealing envelopes for award ceremonies. Joe believed that information should be open and free to the public, not sealed away in secret! When he reached adolescence, he ran away and became a Surprise Stopper. He’s never looked back.

An abridged timeline

March 2008

The truth is out there

United for a common cause, Kelsey, Kurt, and Joe joined forces to reveal the truth! Their first mission was 12-year-old Janie’s birthday party, where they emerged from behind a tree to tell her about the disastrous plan waiting inside. Her tears of appreciation helped validate their worthy cause.


Justice is served

Scheming surprises have been caught red-handed by this vigilant trio. Since their inception, they have revealed lottery numbers, wedding proposals, trips to Disney World, and countless other diabolical schemes. No longer do we have to worry about being caught unaware, thanks to the bravery of the Surprise Stoppers.


The best in the biz

The Surprise Stoppers are as unique as the No Surprise Pricing tool on the Quality Logo Products website. It’s their honor to battle with ruthless, hidden fees and bring these surprises into the open. They’re the only heroes in the promo world that are committed to justice of this kind!


Expanding our ranks

No other crime-fighting team compares to the dedication of the Surprise Stoppers. Seeing a need for upfront pricing, they focused their attention on revealing all hidden fees on promotional product orders through the Quality Logo Products website. Anyone who’s committed to a life without surprises can join the Surprise Stoppers!

We make adding your logo to promotional products easy with...

  • What you see is what you pay for branded items.
  • No hidden fees on your order. Shipping included.
  • Exclusive to Quality Logo Products.
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Surprise fees should be the least of your worries when it comes to branding your promotional items. With our brand new, one-of-a-kind, No Surprise Pricing tool, customers are able to view each fee and charge upfront on all orders, down to the last penny! So you can build your brand and stay within your budget, every step of the way.

The Truth is out there!

Disclaimer: Statistics based on a 2017 survey of top promotional products distributors based in the United States.